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Let Us Pave Your Path

As a general engineering contractor, our services vary from simple private improvements to major infrastructure rehabilitation.  Whether your project requires grading, asphalt paving, concrete paving or underground/above ground cable installation, our experienced team of estimators can help determine the best course of action for your project and can provide you a fair and competitive cost estimate.  

SQFT Paved in 2017

500,000 SQFT

SQFT Paved in 2018

800,000 SQFT

SQFT Paved in 2019

1,000,000 SQFT

Types of Work

Public Work

We strive to set the standard for others to follow and are dedicated to improving our community and we do that directly by ensuring the work we perform on city projects is of the highest quality as this impacts our everyday lives.


Private Work

Understanding the value of your investment as it pertains to your property is what sets us aside from our competitors. We provide our customers with estimates for what they truly need to maximize their investment dollars.

Take a Look at What We Can Do For You

We provide quality work from beginning to end in every aspect of a job that we do. Our work includes new site development, ADA compliance upgrades, decorative sight improvements and much more!

Our paving services range from minor repairs, sealing and striping to help rejuvenate aging asphalt lots to complete site redevelopment.  No project too big or too small. 

We do all facets of concrete improvements including simple curb, gutters, sidewalks as well as decorative concrete with a wide range of colors and stamps to choose from.

Our Projects

Ashley Falls School - Del Mar

This was the rejuvenation of 49,000 sqft of existing aged asphalt surface by grinding the surface to a 1.5″ depth and applying a new layer of hot mix asphalt.  

Celestial Gardens - San Diego

This is an extension of existing access roadway and consisted of grading, installation of new concrete curbs and new asphalt roadway surface. 

Convoy Plaza - San Diego

This is an asphalt overlay of an existing commercial lot. Repairs to the most severely damaged areas were first conducted before a final 1″ wearing course was installed. 

Our gallery


Visit our gallery to see various pictures of jobs and our crew at work. We have a large array of pictures so that you can see what it is like to be a part of the Rancho Paving, Inc. experience. 

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